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What's Liftathon.org?

Liftathon.org is the world's first online workout fundraising platform. We equip teams with the tools they need to raise money for the causes they care about.

Partnering with Liftathon.org provides your team with a custom site to market, track, and enjoy your own Liftathon workout event. Your team's Liftathon.org setup is entirely FREE and our event specialists will work hand-in-hand with your team to make sure your event sets a new fundraising PR.

So whether you're looking to build budget for a new weight room, buy some shiny new helmets for game day, or raise funds to support a charity of your choice, our platform has you covered.

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Our 2014 Goals

Our fundraising goals are ambitious. What are you lifting for?

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Why Liftathon.org?

You have lots of fundraising options, so why partner with us?

Make Fundraising Effortless

Train Heroic handles the work. Your team reaps the benefits. The Liftathon.org platform makes your event:
100% online, social, and interactive
100% athlete-driven and peer-supported
100% tracked, integrated, and on your terms

Have Fun Along the Way

Your athletes hate going door-to-door and shaking down their neighbors. They’re burnt out and tired of pushing candy bars and car washes. Our tools empower your team to put the “fun” in fundraising, letting your athletes focus their energies on getting better, faster, and stronger.

Give your Budget a Big Lift

Sports are expensive. Budgets are tight. Your team has unfunded needs. Take control of your budget with peer-to-peer competition, in-app coach reporting, and live performance leaderboards...
Do the math:
___________ X ___________ X ___________ = $$$
(# of athletes) (donors/athlete) (average donation)

  • "As a head coach, Liftathon.org saves me hours of hassle and admin headaches. For the kids, no more knocking on strangers’ doors to sell products: They simply and safely promote an event that actually is productive and fun. This takes our fund-raising game up three notches”

    - Brian Kaminski -
  • "Having been an A.D. for 5 years, I've seen a TON of different fundraisers, and frankly, they're all exhausting. Liftathon.org takes the fuss out of fundraising and allows our entire program, both P.E. and athletics, to cover their needs."

    - Jason Bott -
  • "People come up with ideas all the time these days, but what the world really needs, more than anything right now (in all fields of endeavor), are game changers, when it comes to strength training, TrainHeroic and the Liftathon.org solution are just that, a game changer."

    - Peter Scarpelli -

The Four Step Process

Fundraising with Liftathon.org is simple as 1, 2, 3 ... 4

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You're ready and you're eager to get going. Don't worry, we make sign up a snap. Fill out the form below and one of our Train Heroic event performance specialists will be right with you. Your event will be live in less than 24 hours. We know what you're thinking...and yes...that is pretty fast. You're welcome.

Social Media, Word-of-Mouth, and E-mail

Spread the Word

Liftathons are community events. Our platform is built with sharing in mind so you can bring in all the interested parties. Our tools allow you and your athletes to instantly share their profiles and funding goals with their friends and family via e-mail, social media, and direct links. Event marketing's never been so easy.

Set new PR's in funding and Big Lifts

Lift Hard

This is the fun part. Just as Liftathons power up your team's budget, they also power up your team's performance. As athletes max out on the day of the event, the environment is ELECTRIC. Watch your team come together, throw high fives, and celebrate as PR's tumble and new records (both in funding and lifts) are set.

You earned it. Now enjoy it.


Liftathons are an incredible way to bring cash to your cause. We make payment processing super smooth by managing all collections via PayPal and credit cards. This way, nothing falls through the cracks and you don't have to wait until after the event is over to know exactly how much your team's raised.

Featured Teams

These are just a few of the teams using Train Heroic to “Win in the Gym™"

Partnering with Liftathon.org = POWER

Here are a few examples of how partnering with Liftathon.org could benefit your team

  • Small Team
    w/ Train Heroic Membership

  • 50 athletes

  • 20 Donors Per Athlete

  • $20 Average Donation

  • Less 10% Event Fee + Train Heroic Subscription

  • $16,200Net Budget Boost

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  • Large Team
    w/ Train Heroic Membership

  • 100 athletes

  • 20 Donors Per Athlete

  • $20 Average Donation

  • Less 10% Event Fee + Train Heroic Subscription

  • $34,200Net Budget Boost

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